Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's a first...

Well I decided to make something for the upcoming significant birthday of a close friend and decided on a quilt for the couch.
Only problem with that is I'm not a quilter, love them and interested but just not the time as yet.
Once Moo decides its no longer cool to wear things Mums made
I figure I will have the time to get into quilting....I hope!

So with very little idea ( I've made a dolls quilt but that doesn't help me feel like I know what Im doing)
 I decided a jelly roll quilt may be a good place to start.

Well  so far i have joined all my jelly rolls together...Yay!
( Although I suspect thats the easier bit).
Okay it definitely wasnt square but it certainly wasnt as out as this photo makes it look.
( Note to self check you have a decent photo to post!!)

And using my clever embroidery machine a personal note on the backing.
Okay tommorrow I will attempt putting it all together.
Wish me luck as anything could happen from here!!!

Head over to Our Creative Spaces and see what all the clever people are making.

PS. BIG Thank you to Cath who has come over and helped me improve my blog.
Its gradually growing into itself.....!


  1. Well done on taking the patchwork/quilting plunge!! Looking great!

  2. Yes! Jelly roll stripes are a great way to start quilting! Well done! It's great! Oh I love the machine embroidery label idea! Very clever! Keep it up. It's not so scary!

  3. nice header, im slightly jealous!! you will have to give me some tips :)